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Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Creating Personal Style with Your Brand in Mind

Fashion is about the look and style is about how you feel. It is personal and it should be. It is your very own physical signature to who you are in the world. Although it may seem like it comes easier to some than others to build personal style, effort plays a major role here.

Each day is a new chance to reinvent yourself and most certainly display growth in the person you are becoming. Fashion and style play an integral part in creating and owning your self-worth, truly defining your persona on your own terms.

Micah Rivers on personal style:

I view cultivating your own style as a pathway to individuality, helping contribute to overall growth and personal happiness. Style to me is another form of communication that provides influence or perspective, and how someone chooses to showcase this allows for others to connect with them, hopefully creating the opportunity for brand growth to be organic and natural.” -Micah Rivers, Chief Operating Officer (The Carter James Lifestyle Group)

Carter James Clean-

Carter James Lifestyle Group strives to showcase the true essence of each individual man, providing tools and resources to growing and living their personal brand to the fullest. Infusing boldness and confidence in the fashion style of the Carter James gentlemen.

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