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Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Ownership and Wealth Building For Yourself

Often we hear the term 'wealth' thrown around by different people but it is seldom that we are actively focusing on what it takes to obtain it. Our intentions are set on reaching it for ourselves however there is not a certain mapped out scenario or path to get there. Many questions float through the mind: What makes me feel rich? What does abundance look like for my own life? What is my own definition of wealth? Where do I start?

The key to building wealth is ownership. While every small business owner I know may not be wealthy, every single wealthy person I know owns a piece of a small business in some form or fashion.” - Steven Anthony, CEO of Anthony Global Holdings Agholdingsinc.com

All these questions can be overwhelming when the tools are not already in place to help you get there. The one thing that can absolutely be assured is that one must realize that this is something to be built. Overnight success can leave as quickly as it arrived but when you construct the livelihood that you seek, the power in having that knowledge will not be easy to take away. This is a process. One that takes ownership in many facets.

It's Time-

The Carter James Lifestyle Group is dedicated to assisting men on their journey to and building process of #wealth by conveying insights and critically thinking skills needed in creating the #luxury life you desire and deserve.

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