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Courage to Communicate: Building Strong Relationship Foundations

Whether you have found a new friend in the office or a potential love interest from a someone you just met through an event, communication lays the foundation for what's to come of whatever type of relationship you pursue.

It is important to be open in discussing and receiving information about a person when building a relationship. When we look at it from the sense of partnership, there is a balance that needs to be met in order for it to work well. The key here is that the organic chemistry stems from friendship. Ideally, people want relationships to be enjoyable, comfortable and safe for everyone included. However, what is often missed is understanding how the perspectives on these concepts differ for each of us. We are all at different levels, mentally and emotionally, in our individual journeys which is why communicating our needs and comfort level makes room for a healthy foundation to build upon.

Communication Tips

  • Active listening- There should be an even exchange between you are the other party. Engage with questions on the topics in discussion to demonstrate interest in that person and to also reveal a deeper understanding for yourself. This helps identify if there are commonalities or possible 'red flags' for either of you early on.

  • Identify and express boundaries- Opening up with your deepest and darkest fears may not be the starting point you want to go with initially(understandably), and that is more than ok! If it is a relationship you are looking to maintain long term, patience and timing will be extremely important. Express what you are comfortable discussing and genuinely asked that the other party do the same. This helps to build trust amongst each other so you can eventually tackle the bigger conversation topics from a place of understanding and openness.

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